Internal finishes


After construction of a house and finished installation works you can safely proceed  to the inner works which are the final stage in the construction of the house. Inner works can be divided into two stages, as well as the installation of ”smart house” features and floor heating.

  1. Room decoration works. Interior walls and ceilings – plastering, installation of hinged ceilings, installation of wall covering, installation of door jambs and frames with accessories.
  2. Engineering works – installation of communications and water supply system, as well as gas, heat, fresh air and sewerage.
  3. ”Smart home” system which consists of two separate house automation concepts: home automation (smart home, home automation), and automation of residential building  (smart house, building automation).
  4. Installation of underfloor heating.

All these works are closely connected and have to be performed one after the other. Our experts can combine these works to save time.

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