Depositphotos_29558097_l-2015-minLight plays an important role in the life of any person. Beautiful interior is impossible without a properly chosen lighting and well-formed light scenes. Lamps with different brightness, various color temperature and fine color accents have a strong impact on the psycho-emotional state of a person. In order to create a beautiful lighting, interior designers often have a large number of different lamps, each of which plays an role in creating the perfect interior.

Here are common terms used in lighting :

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting is normally provided by a ceiling light and their intensity can be controlled with dimming switches. Care should be taken that ambient lights do not produce sharp shadows.

Concealed Lighting

Concealed lighting involves complete hiding of light fixtures and only the light and not the fixture is visible. Concealed lighting can be used to provide above mentioned ambient lighting.

Down Lights

Down lights are used to project the light downards, they may take the shape of celing fixtures or fall fittings.

Pendant Lights

They are suspended from the celing by a wire and can take a variety of shapes including paper sphere type lights or chandliers

Recessed Lighting

Here the lighting is recessed in the ceiling and the fixtures are only partially visible. Recessed lighting usually required a false ceiling to enable the lights to be recessed.

Rise and Fall Lighting

The height of the lighting can be adjusted as desired and they are commonly used over the top of a dining table.

Spot Lights

Spot lights direct light to specific points inside the room and they are used to focus attention on particular spaces or objects.


They can either be wall mounted or floor standing and are used to cast a light beam upwards usually to reflect the light off the ceiling.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are used to cast light either upwards or downwards and as they are fixed on the wall they take less space.

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