Internet multimedia concept with all gadget and computers connected to each other

To install a full home media center, we will need a variety of digital devices, that we shall combine (transform) into a home entertainment center with a full wired and wireless local area network.

Audio multi room. Sound management system.
Sound management system is important when you like to listen to high-quality background music. Pleasant background sound in the dining room, bedroom, living room or other rooms will appeal to many. Of course, for music lovers who use HiEnd audio, multi room equipment cannot replace it, however, this system has many advantages.

Advantages of audio multi room System: Compact

For inroom sound we usually use small speakers mounted in the walls or ceiling, as well as completely hidden speakers, which are absolutely invisible and in no way violate the interior of the room.


Denotes a several rooms crossing music sound or image distribution in apartments, houses or party rooms. Multiroom systems can either all required amplifiers etc. include, or with existing sound systems and screens are combined.

Analog Systems

For some years falls in the consumer electronics industry is increasingly the term “multi-room”. This synonym refers to the crosslinking of an investment over several rooms. So far, these networking comes mainly in the audio field for use. AV receivers offer the possibility of multiple “zones” for many years music to provide sound. But even stereo amplifier with outputs for two pairs of speakers are sufficient to provide a second room with music. The greatest disadvantage of this rather simple multiroom systems is the usability . So instantly switch from neighboring room neither the CD nor (z. B. when using a stereo amplifier) Adjust the volume of the speakers independently.Central multichannel amplifiers are wired via speaker cable to the individual rooms, so provide more convenience. In particular, products with built-in logic (controller) can be controlled by remote control or app.

Digital Systems

The current multi-room systems offer tremendous advantages over a conventional stereo system in the operation and versatility. By using a network hard drive as a data carrier no longer necessary to change CDs, a constant availability of the entire music library is guaranteed. In addition, many current systems provide access to over 10,000 Internet radio stations and access to the music service , Deezer or Napster .


While purely analog multiroom systems limited by a limited number of predetermined zones of extensibility, digital multiroom systems benefit from an almost unlimited expandability. The individual zones (rooms) in digital systems can communicate their own music clients which over network cable or wireless interconnected. Since, in some systems, the client operates simultaneously as a repeater, such a system can be extended by adding additional clients in all directions. In addition, through the complete crosslinking of the system satisfies a single remote control to control all the rooms. The maximum number of spaces is limited and high-resolution FLAC music files have not yet found its way into every system due to the required bandwidth. Large multi-room facilities serve the possibility to work as a networked Mahrkanal amplifier.

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