Over the years since the establishment of our company, we have proved to be strong, competitive, reliable and fluttering partner. We always choose quality and European standards under which we carry out your orders – different works and methods of their implementation.

We offer you a brief description of our services:


Smart Home.

Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone

Solution for your home control:

Climate: radiators, underfloor heating, boilers, air conditioning and ventilation – all systems should work as a joint mechanism, without conflict with each other.

Actuators: electric curtains, metal roller blinds, gates, intercom system – all this provides a single access control system.

Multimedia: creation of a single media network, audio multiroom (multiple independent audio zones) for a nice surround sound and entertainment.

Interface: Creation of modern and intuitive interface controls based on wall panels, tablets and smartphones.

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Internal finishes.


After construction of a house and finished installation works you can safely proceed  to the inner works which are the final stage in the construction of the house. Inner works can be divided into two stages, as well as the installation of ”smart house” features and floor heating.

  1. Room decoration works. Interior walls and ceilings – plastering, installation of hinged ceilings, installation of wall covering, installation of door jambs and frames with accessories.
  2. Engineering works – installation of communications and water supply system, as well as gas, heat, fresh air and sewerage.
  3. ”Smart home” system which consists of two separate house automation concepts: home automation (smart home, home automation), and automation of residential building  (smart house, building automation).
  4. Installation of underfloor heating.

All these works are closely connected and have to be performed one after the other. Our experts can combine these works to save time.

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Laying tiles.

Tiles are widely used both for interior and exterior. Tiles can be also called a ”face” of your home from the outside, and show skills and level of professionalism of the master who put them. Tile work requires a high level of skills as this type of construction work has its pitfalls.  Masters of our company can put tile on almost any base.

Also, we practice installation a laminate, a parquet, linoleum.

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Work with stone.


Despite of emergence of new high-tech materials, stone finishing is still widely used in the field of elite housing all around the world.

It is no wonder that the famous Egyptian pyramids and other ancient buildings made of stone are still standing. In addition, stone was used for building medieval fortresses and castles, as well as residences for influential people, thus showing the role of the owner – his power and influence. In turn, modern architects and designers even more often appreciate  stone as valuable construction and finishing material because of its beauty, elegance and a practicality.

Stone is used not only for construction of new buildings, but also in order to bring new “individuality” for old ones. Stone facing can completely change the appearance of any building, turning a standard brick box into a European mansion or a medieval castle. It is perfectly compatible with other finishing materials: glass, wood, decorative plaster. Skillfully combining all these materials, you can create a unique style, give your house identity and expression, as well as solidity and respectability.

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Facades and plinths.

We can discuss all your desires…material, height, natural stone facing, because the main reason for the use of stone facades is energy efficiency. Modern stone facades are usually ventilated. It is a safe and practical method: firstly, thermal insulation of the building is done, and then facade is decorated with stone. Furthermore, stone can be used not only for new constructions, but also for reconstruction of existing buildings, insulation of facades and painting. All can perform these works qualitative and quickly.

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Fireplaces, stoves and barbeque.

Best-way-to-arrange-furniture-in-living-roomAll these additions to the interior of your yard will make you feel cozy. Cozy place should be not only good looking, but also make your heart warm. This will be a favorite place for your family – warm, cozy and of course fulfilling its main purpose.

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Interior decor.

port3Our designers manage the entire process of interior design, from space planning, lighting, ventilation, acoustics, wall finishing to the placement of furniture and installation of navigational signs.

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Depositphotos_24603223_l-2015-minThis type of decoration is an important part of your yard. Depending on the technique and materials used, in a combination with a beautiful garden it will become more stylish with such element.

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Fences and railings.


We construct fences from simple picket and Týn to the highly carved works of wooden architecture.

  1. Forged and cast fences  – the best way to create remarkable enclosure which, of course, shows the high status of the site owner.
  2. Metal – not so expensive, very strong and durable fences. Good choice for parks, educational institutions, offices and other city facilities.
  3. Sided fences – a special type of corrugated board. Spans of such fences are designed as separate parts of profiled metal strips. Sided fences have a polymer coating with one or two-sided color. Sided fences – modern and aesthetic choice for of the fences in suburban areas, small gardens and green areas.
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Depositphotos_29558097_l-2015-minLight plays an important role in the life of any person. Beautiful interior is impossible without a properly chosen lighting and well-formed light scenes. Lamps with different brightness, various color temperature and fine color accents have a strong impact on the psycho-emotional state of a person. In order to create a beautiful lighting, interior designers often have a large number of different lamps, each of which plays an role in creating the perfect interior.

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Climate Control.


Residents of big cities often think about creating a climate control system in their apartments. This is logical, because passive air extraction system in an apartment building is not enough to cope with the dirty city air.

When we talk about air, climate control is a collection of devices which measure and maintain the air in the room, according to these parameters – temperature, humidity and chemical composition. To control climate you have to take into account all these values. Air mass movement is also very important for climate control, so it has to be updated frequently. Underfloor heating systems are also usually connected to climate control.

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Internet multimedia concept with all gadget and computers connected to each other

To install a full home media center, we will need a variety of digital devices, that we shall combine (transform) into a home entertainment center with a full wired and wireless local area network.

Audio multi room. Sound management system.
Sound management system is important when you like to listen to high-quality background music. Pleasant background sound in the dining room, bedroom, living room or other rooms will appeal to many. Of course, for music lovers who use HiEnd audio, multi room equipment cannot replace it, however, this system has many advantages.

Advantages of audio multi room System: Compact

For inroom sound we usually use small speakers mounted in the walls or ceiling, as well as completely hidden speakers, which are absolutely invisible and in no way violate the interior of the room.

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Home Cinema.

Home TheatreHome cinema – it`s not just for a style. Qualitatively designed system will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new world of bright colors and feelings, enjoy visual and sound effects, opening up new opportunities of familiar things. Whether it’s an action, offensive kinoepos or classical music concert – you can be sure that your system will provide an amazing, realistic sound realistic and a feeling of being in the center of action.

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