Depositphotos_24603223_l-2015-minThis type of decoration is an important part of your yard. Depending on the technique and materials used, in a combination with a beautiful garden it will become more stylish with such element.

Pavement in construction is an outdoor floor or superficial surface covering. Paving materials include asphalt, concrete, stone such as flagstone, cobblestone, and setts, artificial stone, bricks, tiles, and sometimes wood. In landscape architecture pavements are part of the hardscape and are used on sidewalks, road surfaces, patios, courtyards, etc.

A paver is a paving stone, tile, brick or brick-like piece of concrete commonly used as exterior flooring. In a factory, concrete pavers are made by pouring a mixture of concrete and some type of coloring agent into a mold of some shape and allowing to set. They are applied by pouring a standard concrete foundation, spreading sand on top, and then laying the pavers in the desired pattern. No actual adhesive or retaining method is used other than the weight of the paver itself except edging. Pavers can be used to make roads, driveways, patios, walkways and other outdoor platforms.

Stone Pavers

A Stone Paver is another type of paver. This type of pavers are used widely in building and landscaping as they are highly prized for their beauty, strength and durability. Stone pavers are made of many materials including; Travertine, Limestone, Bluestone, Basalt, Sandstone and Granite.

Travertine is a durable, low-porous stone that stays cool in direct sunlight, making it a popular choice for pool-sides, patios, walkways and outdoor entertainment areas. Travertine is salt tolerant and has a low sunlight reflection. Granite pavers are ideal for outdoor use, it has a high integral strength and density making it easy to maintain and hard-wearing. Limestone pavers are cut from natural limestone blocks, a sedimentary rock found in mountainous areas and ocean sea beds. Limestone tends to have unique natural colour variations. Sandstone pavers are derived from natural stone and tend to be used for sidewalks, patios and backyards.


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