Work with stone.


Despite of emergence of new high-tech materials, stone finishing is still widely used in the field of elite housing all around the world.

It is no wonder that the famous Egyptian pyramids and other ancient buildings made of stone are still standing. In addition, stone was used for building medieval fortresses and castles, as well as residences for influential people, thus showing the role of the owner – his power and influence. In turn, modern architects and designers even more often appreciate  stone as valuable construction and finishing material because of its beauty, elegance and a practicality.

Stone is used not only for construction of new buildings, but also in order to bring new “individuality” for old ones. Stone facing can completely change the appearance of any building, turning a standard brick box into a European mansion or a medieval castle. It is perfectly compatible with other finishing materials: glass, wood, decorative plaster. Skillfully combining all these materials, you can create a unique style, give your house identity and expression, as well as solidity and respectability.

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